Camp Support Service

We provide expertly conceived and professionally executed services to meet the complex demands of our customer’s operations. We integrate our many competencies to provide solutions that fit each customer and situation, and bring a culture of compliance, accountability, and relentless performance to each program and task.

Staffing Services

This involves offering of part time or full time workers. These workers include receptionists, administrators, office cleaners, housekeepers among others. Part time employees usually work for 3-4 months. Both men and women are always available for duty. During their period of work, they are monitored and slight changes can be made if need arises.

Housekeeping Services

Our skilled, experienced Housekeeping Teams will maintain your workplace efficiently, and ensure the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene are achieved and maintained.

We offer a full range of expert cleaning services for your site, regardless of the size or location. We believe that a clean and well maintained premises will result in happier, more productive residents. Good news for both you and your employees!

Our cleaning services are delivered by highly –trained, professional and supervised staff, using world-class cleaning equipment and cutting edge techniques.

Fumigation & Pest Control Services

This involves complete fill of an area with gaseous fumigants to suffocate pests. At A&M, we use a variety of specialized equipment’s such as hand held manual sprayers, motorized mist blowers, motorized pressure pump to reach in every spot of the building and our employees wear protective equipment’s to ensure safety at workplace such as gas masks, gloves, gum boots and goggles. Our chemicals are Eco friendly and take few hours to diffuse so the property can be used in a few hours after fumigation.

Laundry Services

With Twister, doing the Laundry is elevated to a science!
Our chemical and automated processes are computer controlled to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and productivity. Whether your business is corporate or industrial, IFS keeps your workforce comfortable and clean!

Twister Laundry services include:

  • Supply of laundry bags with residents name
  • Collection and returns to/from residents rooms
  • 24-48 hour turnaround
  • Garments folded/ placed on hangers
  • Special care items
  • We use only top quality equipment and cutting edge techniques to ensure health and safety and all our clients employees are looked after.
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