In order to maintain a clean and healthy environment in any Private and Commercial setting, it is vital to ensure your cleaning service is using proper cleaning tools and techniques for disinfecting and sanitation.

We follow these steps for disinfection process:

  • Our disinfection professionals carry all required materials (spray machine, disinfectant solution, cloths, mask, overall and gloves)
  • Client should provide just a power outlet to connect the machine
  • Excessive dust particles on the surface are completely removed at first by wiping
  • Surfaces are then sprayed with the disinfectant solution and left for 10-15mins to dissolve and automatically absorb within the surface – no rinsing or wiping is required
  • The final step is to wipe down all wet areas, if the client prefers
  • During the process, it is recommended that all windows and doors need to be closed and AC should be turned off as well as 15-20 minutes after the sanitization session is completed.
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