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Dont Replace : Restore

You are proud of your natural stone however it ow has a dull shine to it and a few chips here and there. You have two choices: Pay a lot to replace it or pay a lot less to have it restored. The expert technicians at Twister Services can restore marble, granite, travertine and other types of natural stone to a like-new appearance.

We also provide exceptional tile and grout repair, cleaning, sealing, and color sealing services. Dirt, grime, bacteria, allergens, and other contaminants can lodge deep down in porous grout lines. Our deep cleaning processes extract these unwanted substances, creating a much healthier living and working environment. Sealing grout lines helps inhibit stains, while color sealing grout lines gives your floor a fresh, new, uniform appearance, prevents stains, and provides numerous benefits that go beyond what you can see.

Experience makes all the Differences

Stone & Tile Restoration Expert

Commercial and residential customers turn to Twister Services for professional natural stone restoration and maintenance, and grout cleaning and sealing services.

You’re in the Safe Hands

All of our technicians have been professionally trained to restore your stone and tile floors, countertops, swimming pool surrounds, shower walls, fountains, and much more.

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With time, use, or improper maintenance, the elegance of marble and limestone will inevitably diminish.

Professional marble and limestone restoration services are a cost-effective way to achieve dramatically impressive results.

The process of grinding removes deep and minor scratches, chipped, discolored joints, uneven poor surface gloss and wear pattern by employing different grits of diamond tools.


  • Etch removal: Also known as “water spots,”
  • Refinishing: Honing and/or polishing to restore or change the finish.
  • Lippage removal: Leveling out uneven tiles
  • Crack repair: Our process virtually erases cracks
  • Chip Repair: We fill in the gap to match the surrounding area.
  • Sealing: Inhabits future staining
  • Stain Removal: Our poulticing methods can remove most stains


At Twister Services, our goal is to customize our floor maintenance program around the specific needs of a commercial establishment. Whether your business is a 5-star hotel or just the neighborhood bank, we take all the same steps to establish an appropriate maintenance program, specifically tailored to your needs.

When we take on a commercial job, we encourage dialogue and open communication with your staff since it concerns your desired stone floor care needs. All stages of the stone floor restoration and/or polishing process are clearly communicated to your staff. As a standard feature of our routine maintenance program, our staff will visit your location to continually monitor the wear on your stone and immediately communicate any issues needing to you.


  • Maintenance of all types of natural stone floors
  • Polishing or honing of Marble countertops
  • Removal of lippage (uneven tiles, depending on severity)
  • Deep cleaning of all types of tiles and grout.
  • Sealing of Marble, Granite and other Natural stone


When a liquid is spilt on a stone, tile or grout surface that has a degree of water absorption, a stain can result almost instantly as the reaction time to clean is short to zero! Sealing these same stone, tile or grout surfaces significantly reduces the degree of water absorption increasing the reaction time to clean and remove these contaminants before a stain can occur. Good sealers have reaction times measured in minutes, protecting the surface from primarily water based contaminants. The best or premium sealers have the longest reaction time measured in hours protecting surfaces from the widest range of contaminants both water and oil based.

We can seal your stone with the highest quality sealer available for protection, restoring it back to its original color and leaving you with a clean and fresh look that is much easier to maintain.

There are two types of sealer technology :

  • Penetrating/Impregnators
  • Coating/Surface Sealers.

Sealed floors are often hard to treat, as they may have been treated with an incorrect sealer. It’s important to understand that all stone types are different and therefore need different sealers. The best result is obtained by experience and knowledge.

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